Signs that Substance Abuse Recovery May be Necessary

Being able to identify signs of drug dependence or abuse in someone can be difficult. However, it is easier when the signs of this issue are known. When a person knows that they suffer from or someone they love suffers from drug addiction, they will also know it is time to seek care from an addiction treatment center.

Tolerance and Withdrawal

One of the first signs of a drug problem that may indicate help from a Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment program is needed is tolerance. The majority of drug programs have proven that is a person needs more and more of a specific drug over time to receive the same effect, they have developed a tolerance and they should begin considering drug treatment centers. While this may not be enough of a reason to enter rehab alone, it is a good indication that it could be beneficial. The fact is, tolerance can become dangerous as time passes because a person may require such large doses of the drug that they are at risk of overdosing. In many cases, signs of withdrawal go along with tolerance.


Loss of Control

This can occur when signs of withdrawal and tolerance are present. When a person promises themselves or another person they are going to cut back on using the drug or even stop altogether, only to discover that the urges are uncontrollable, then it may be time to seek the help of a non 12 step rehab center. If a person is not able to stop or cut back on the use of the drug, despite their best intentions to do so, they may feel as though they have lost control. There is no question that seeking professional treatment is a must at this point.

Not Spending Time doing Things that were Once Enjoyable

When a person is at the point when they are not spending time doing things they once enjoyed, due to drug use, it may be time to seek rehab. Taking, getting or hiding drugs may begin to take more and more of a person’s time, leaving them no time to do other things.

If a person is contemplating rehabilitation, it is a good idea to contact Alo House Recovery Centers for more information. Here a person who is suffering from addiction can receive the care and help they need to overcome the issue and live a healthy and productive life. Don’t hesitate to call if this type of help is needed.

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